Thursday, July 27, 2006

Lady In The Water

Manoj (M). Night Shyamalan's latest movie The Lady In The Water has released.

The critics have already written it off. Its performing badly at box-office. It could probably become the most badly criticized Shyamalan's movie.

But then after the initial criticism, there is a new crop of audience who have started liking the movie and its concept. Every Shyamalan movie is different. But people always tend to expect The Sixth Sense and that is where they get disappointed. Lady In The Water is no exception. Worse is, it has no trademark surprise ending, no spine chilling moments. A story which will appeal to just 5% of the audience.

But still, its so original! You hardly get to see such movies. Some guys also appreciated the amazing camera work which I couldn't distinguish as I saw a camera print downloaded on my computer hehehe. I will definitely see it on the bigger screen.

Things I liked about Lady In The Water :-

Original concept

- Humor(which was rare in Shyamalan movies till now)

- Very effective background music score by James Newton Howard (I am already on the hunt for its mp3)

- Shyamalan's acting - Its quite a pleasant surprise. We were used to Subhash Ghai - style cameo appearances by Shyamalan in each of his movies. But in this movie he has quite a significant role as Vick Ran. He doesn't ham and sticks to the basics and original self, which I think is a significant enough achievement for a director as an actor.

To sum it up, I won't dare to request you all to see this movie as I always do with most of the movies I write about. But somehow I want you to watch and appreciate it.

PS - If you don't like it, kindly remember its Shyamalan's work, not mine



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