Sunday, August 06, 2006

Black Friday

Anurag Kashyap's Black Friday is probably the most provocative movie ever made in bollywood. Its more of a documentary than a movie.

Its based on the series of bomb blasts in Bombay(now Mumbai) in 1993. Its so effective that while watching it, you yourself feel to be a part of the conspiracy! The minute details studied and presented by the director are quite commendable. You can very well judge that the recent local train blasts in Mumbai couldn't have been much different.

Its hard to comment whether banning it is justifiable or not. All it has is the story of how the blasts were planned which most of us are already aware of in some way or the other. But if released now or in a near future, it could create quite a stir considering the recent train blasts in Mumbai. But still, its a must see for the mature audience. And I stress on the word mature again.

Though the movie is banned in India, its copy has been leaked and its all over the torrents for anybody to download. There are rumors that its going to be released in UK this year. And also in India after the final hearing of the blasts later this year but I really doubt that.

Direction is superb. Mumbai has changed a lot since the first blasts. Still the director has created 1993 in a very effective way and it reflects in the costumes, language and the surroundings.

Its more of a team work than individual performances. Still, Kay Kay Menon stands out of the talented lot. This actor has an immense potential and we have already seen it in Bhopal Express, Deewar(new), Sarkar, Chhal, Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi, Corporate and now(then) Black Friday. Its heartening to see natural performers like him amongst the overacting bunch of (ahem..)Shahrukh and company(sorry King Khan's fans, I got a bit carried away).

Hope we will see more movies of Kay Kay.



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