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Deepa Mehta's Water is the third and final movie in her elemental trilogy after Fire and Earth.

The shooting caused much of a stir amongst the Hindu fundamentalists in India so it was banned in Varanasi. The movie was shot in Sri Lanka under the false name Full Moon to avoid attention.

Well, the movie has released in US and has done a decent enough business surpassing the collections of Fanaa. It is also acclaimed by the critics. Now most of the times its the tendency of the critics to appreciate a movie based on India only if its based on ancient India and is harsh on its culture. Interestingly, the so called NRIs tend to direct such movies. Worse is, such movies gives an impression to the world that India is still very ancient.

Script remains the strongest part of the movie. It is based on lives of Hindu Widows in the pre-independance era. And it conveys a message(to the world) that even today, quite a significant number of hindu widows in India do suffer.

The movie lacks the pace. There is this weird tinge to all Deepa Mehta's movies. Most of them are based in pre-independence era but the actors behave and speak as if they have just landed from US/UK. It reflects in their body language and the accent. Lisa Ray is no different. But she has worked hard on improving her accent(I think her voice was dubbed when she acted in Kasoor). The chemistry between Lisa Ray and the small girl, Chuhiya(Sarala) is something to watch for. They have a weird accent but still, both remain the best part of the movie. John Abraham is ok. Seema Biswas is good.

According to me, Earth still remains Deepa Mehta's best movie in the elemental trilogy, mostly because of Amir.



Blogger Shantisudha said...

I have not seen "Water" but I am sure that the condition of widows shown in that is some how related to the reality of widows living in Vrindavan and Kashi. It is terrible to know the reality but on the name of widow-homes many other things are continued.

May be the characters in the film might be like as described by you but there is a profound reality in the story.

Regarding the film "Fire": It was a good film. One can watch that film as an intelligent film which has shown the possibility of development of homosexual mentality that is rightly shown in the film "Fire". It is true that in Indian society very less attention is paid towards a woman's sexual needs.

I have to really watch "Earth".

Is there any plan to make two more films named "Space" and "Wind" to complete "Five elements??

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