Saturday, August 19, 2006

Just another Gunda Reminder

Movie - Gunda

Synonyms - Movie of the millennium, Movie of the century, Mother of all bollywood movies, Greatest movie ever made! etc etc

Actors - Best of the talents available then, including Mithunda.

Director - Kanti Shah

I feel its my utmost responsibility to remind all my contacts, time and again, about the legendary movie Gunda. I have posted about it quite a few times in the past so I will avoid myself going into its details. The movie was/is highly underestimated and definitely deserves its share of attention every now and then. People need to must know about it. And I am just a small volunteer like million others who will keep on promoting it. For me its a selfless act but it gives me immense satisfaction.

Gunda fan club Orkut community -

Great Bong's Blog on Mithunda and Gunda -

Gunda torrent on BWtorrents - (add http://www. before the link)

torrent on Desitorrents - (add http://www. before the link)

But I recommend buying an original VCD which costs just around Rs 70.

IMDB is considered to be the biggest movie database in this universe. Gunda has a phenomenal rating with 9.5/10 points on IMBD as on today(nobody is perfect). And its reflects average of  400+ votes!

Just for stats, other bollywood movie ratings on imdb:-

Black 8.6, KANK 4.5, RDB 8.5, Swades 8.4, DCH 7.9, Omkara 8.1, KKKG 7.4, DDLJ 7.7



Blogger shlok said...

Hilarious! I really gotto see this movie!

3:21 AM  
Anonymous harshad said...

You have not seen thi movie????????? that means u do not know anything @ bollywood. In true sense its the MOVIE OF THE CENTURY. Do u know there are 'Coolies" on Runway; what u do not? then watch GUNDA.

8:36 AM  
Blogger The Clerk said...

hey, I have not found the Gunda vcd anywhere. Do you know where i can get it? I downloaded a version which has bad resolution and sound/pic sync issues.
I'll pay you if you can burn me a copy and courier it to me.

10:21 AM  

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