Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Long war ahead

My thoughts:-

Adrenaline is running high. Every Indian(including me) wants an immediate result to a situation which is damn too complicated.

Blaming Pakistan - I believe there are two groups in Pakistan. Common man, like you and me. Others are extremists. The later is the group which is trouble-maker. But most of the times we end up blaming the common man. Pakistan itself is dealing with the problem of terrorism. Recent example being RDX bombing of JW Marriot in Islamabad. And every now and then there is a terror mishap in Pakistan which we don't even take into account. The frequency being 5 to 10 times more than in India. So Pakistan itself is struggling with the same problem.

War against Pakistan certainly doesn't seem to be the answer. If the nuclear weapons are used by both the nations, we will be thrown back 50 yrs! Not to forget, we are a developing country. And we need not be ashamed of that. U.S can afford a war against Taliban in Afghanistan which is situated thousands of miles apart. Can we? Maybe not. Or maybe but thats really not the practical answer.

Targetting terror camps too sounds way too difficult. Its not 1 or 2 day war. These were the groups formed by U.S itself to counter against Russian army during Afghanistan war. Now these groups have prospered!

The Afghan-Pak Indo-Pak terrain is so difficult that only locals can move there freely. Even Russian army got defeated and had to move back after 10 yrs of war!! Thats certainly doesnt sound good for long term for Indian economy.

We need to strengthen our own defence and intelligence which again means diverting major chunk of the budget.


I wonder sometimes:-

In India it took trained terrorists to complete the massacre in Mumbai. In western countries, common men do it. e.g random shooting by a student in Virginia tech university and similar other incidents. Which country is really safe?

Was it an appropriate time for the dumb U.K to declare India as one of the top 20 most dangerous places in the world to visit?

Next budget - More money will be diverted towards the defence compromising country's development. Who will be the beneficiary?
Its U.S.
Main input for U.S is not from oil. Its from the weapons! (This I have learnt from the movies. Could be other way. Please correct me if I am wrong). So U.S seem to be directly or indirectly involved in every war on this planet!

Is an average Indian muslim happy watching what happened in Mumbai?

What about the common man in Pakistan? Would he be enjoying the terror act in Mumbai?

War doesn't determine who is right, it determines who is left. Is war really the answer? That too against the enemy who is dispersed all over the world?

If India wins the war against Pakistan, would that be the end of terrorism? Or would it just be the beginning? Would there be an end to the terrorism eliminating Dawood and LeT? Wouldn't there be the subgroups. eg Deccan Mujahiddin (If at all it exists).

9/11 Twin tower's site is now a tourist's spot! Would Taj and Trident be the same after couple of more years when people's adrenaline level is back to normal?

Is eliminating Islamic race the answer? Hitler tried to do something similar with the Jews. But things and situation were different back then.

I certainly don't see a perfect solution for this in the near future. Maybe strengthening our own infrastructure sounds like a logical answer though its not fullproof. It could be achieved ONLY by education, population control and utilizing our resources properly by strengthening the political system by recruiting politicians with good education. This is a long war ahead we need to fight. Not with others.

But with ourselves.


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Blogger Bensley said...

that old guy is u i suppose. 1000 yrs from now. hehe....
proud to be an indian and mumbaikar. cheers to the NSG. boy they r too good. proud of them.

12:49 PM  
Anonymous ashish said...

u r partly correct that war is not the solution,but if major nucaince is from pakistan based groups,so we shd atleast destroy them.jai hind.

1:12 AM  
Blogger ASHISH said...

I also feel same,
but ,May be I may not true but on 28/11 when i saw the list in Times, of people died in all aspects 70-75% people were Muslims.hence,the line "Indian muslims may become happy"doen't seems true
It will be our wrong look towards an ture Indian Muslim.
what's u r opinon on this?

2:38 AM  

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