Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Few movie reviews

These are few movies which I saw over last few days. Few of them were on my 'pending list' since long time. In the brackets are my personal ratings out of 5.

The Da Vinci Code - ( ***/5 )

I thoroughly enjoyed it. I know many of the reviews are otherwise. But still, it was a nice experience watching this movie. Robert Langton, Sophie Neveu, Silas etc characters were exactly how I imagined while reading the book. All credits to the director. Its so difficult to live up to people's expectations.

Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind - ( **** 1/2 /5 )

I had to see it twice so that I could comprehend it. And when I did, I totally fell in love with it. Easily one of my favorite movies of all time. A very weird story. Weird picturisation. Awkward direction. Strange characters. We see Jim Carrey in a completely different role. Kate Winslet is adorable(her name is cute too - Clementine). I could hear few Hindi songs in the background one of which was "Tere sang pyar mein nahi todana ("Naagin", I guess). Background piano music score is very effective. Overall, the concept rocks! If you have patience and need a change, this movie is highly recommended.

March Of The Penguins - ( ***/5 )

A national geographic documentary on the journey of the penguins on north pole, the coolest place on the earth. Though its just a documentary, its very touching. It was supposed to be released in India in theatres. Not sure what happened.

The Exorcism Of Emily Rose - ( ***/5 )

Hehehe. I agree, its a spooky supernatural movie. But its also a courtroom drama. Its based on a so called true story blah blah. If you love to watch supernatural movies with no crapy ghosts but still want something spine chilling stuff, this is the one. The scenes where the actress, Emily, is supposedly 'haunted' are way too scary. She has acted so brilliantly. So did the lawyer played by other actress (Don't know her name).

Ring 2 - ( **/5 )

Killer Samara is back again. As always, part 2 disappoints. Not scary enough. But Ring 1 is a 'must-watch' in case you happen to like movies of this genre.

Fanaa - ( **/5 )

I did get a feeling Amir khan is repeating himself. Movie was alright. Nothing extraordinary.

Mission Impossible 3 - ( */5 )

Boring. I did hear the praises of the mindblowing stunts which turned out to be mere dumb(by MI standards) graphics. Noway near MI-1.

Austin Powers 2 (The Spy who shagged me) - ( ****/5 )

This one is the best one of the Austin Powers trilogy. Watched it for the 4th time. Cant stop praising the multi talented Mike Myers. He blends himself into his various characters so well! And his sense of humor is just awesome. Makes me laugh to death every time I watch this movie. Though there are chances that this kind of humor might not go down well with many of those who watch it.

Next on my list are :-

Madagascar, Munich, English Patient, Lost in translation, Transamerica.

As of now I am not sure when I will see them. But will post my personal reviews as soon as I see them.