Monday, March 23, 2009

Spitting and honking

So why we are so crazy about spitting on the roads (and off the roads and in corners and non corners)? I mean, isn't saliva meant for some purpose in the body? Does one really has to spit 10 times per minute even if he doesn't eat a paan (paan must be an excuse of the Indians though!)?

On a two wheeler, I am so scared of overtaking a bus for the fear of a shower that I keep blowing the horn till I overtake it. Thats also one of the advantages of honking while driving in India. I had come across one interesting blog which stated that :

I use my horn: a) to communicate to others that I too am sharing the street,

b) as an accompaniment when I sing my songs,
c) as a symphonic element at an intersection when the light turns green along with the rest of the band,
d) on empty streets to keep me company,
e) as a bell to call my friends from their third floor apartments.