Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Pyar ki pehli meethi bhet

After the dinner when I went to buy a paan just outside the restaurant, I came across this interesting board.

Routine paan charges were ranging from Rs 2 to Rs 15. But Rs 251 one shocked me. On further inquiry, I was informed that it is meant to be used on suhag-raat as it has got some ayurvedic jadibootis. And the ultimate effect is performance enhancement, I was told. My immense experience of Bollywood movies tells me that dudh ka gilas is a perfect aphrodisiac. But this was something new!

For those who are interested, there is not much difference between Rs 151 and RS 251 paans. The difference is just the type of jadibootis used. Ultimate effect is the same in both the cases. As far as I am concerned, when I get married I won't give it a try as I am more wary of the side effects.

ps - Special Sona Work Meetha Paan has to be chewed by both the partners. So the total cost goes above Rs 500. Suhag-raat could prove too costly even without the side effects! Poor people should rather stick to the traditional dudh ka glass.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007


When you happen to travel by S.T, you invariably tend to come across various interesting signboards and the graffiti, either in S.T itself or on the stand. Following are the few I came across on my journey over last few days.

This one is my favorite :-
Muli devu tyanchyaa ghari
Shauchalay asel jyanchya daari
Chala, shauchalay bandhu gharoghari!

The accompanying picture with the slogan too is awesome. The girl's face reflects perpetual gratification as she is married in a house equipped with a shauchalay (proof in the background with her devar attending the nature's call while others wave off the relatives).
Then there are ads. We are used to the ones like Nikes, Pepsis, Cokes etc. But here we see the one with the ultimate solution for your ill health. And if you ain't satisfied with this one, you have the following option:-
Jakhmeruz Gulabi Malam - Pasine ki khujli, Kharish, Fode, Jalne aur Katne par lagaiye gulabi malam (unfortunately, the website seems down for technical reasons).

Some creative(and passionate) craft on the roof.

The worth of travelling by S.T is justified by its slogan dislpayed on Bhivandi Bus Station:-

S.T cha pravas surakshit pravas
Private bus cha pravaas dhoka jeevas
Vaat paahin pan S.T nech jaain!