Wednesday, February 28, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

Al Gore (remember the guy who marginally lost to G. Bush in the presidential election in a closely fought contest in Florida?) is the man behind the wonderful Documentary feature An Inconvenient Truth directed by Davis Guggenheim.
The movie is just a lecture on Global Warming. But it is so effectively presented by Al Gore that it keeps you glued till the final credits end after the documentary. Americans finally admit that they are the major contributor to the Global Warming. Other countries are not lagging behind either.
Every person on this earth must watch this documentary. The final credits of the documentary say Encourage everyone you know to see this movie. Learn as much as you can about the climate crisis. So here I am doing my bit of share as I totally agree with it. Even if its 10% of what Al Gore says about Global Warming is true, its way too scary! Its high time we should follow few basics.
Hats off to the documentary team. Also, do listen to the wonderful song I need to wake up by Melissa Etheridge when the final credits roll. Deservedly got an Oscar for the Best Song.
The movie also got an Oscar for the Best Documentary Feature. These are the movies which should get an Oscar irrespective of the superior competition.
These are the movies which change the way you live. They make you change yourself for good.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Mar adentro

The Sea Inside (Mar adentro)

This must probably be one of the best movies I have ever seen till date! I saw it yesterday and I am still mesmerized. And the feeling will continue.

The story is sad but extremely well narrated. This subject of Euthanasia could not have been handled so well by any other director. A complicated element of love is added so beautifully to the sensitive issue!

I used to think that quality-wise (overall finishing of the movie), all the foreign language films are much below par than their Hollywood counterparts. Mar adentro proved me wrong. This one beats any of the Hollywood films in direction, script, acting, background music score. The best part is acting though. I haven't seen such a talented acting crew in any single movie. Lead actors are top notch, not a single character overacts, and even the side actors make you cry!

After watching it, I googled for it and came to know that it was awarded an Oscar for Best Film In Foreign Language Category 2005. A well deserved win.

I suddenly seemed to have developed a taste for Spanish films. Next on my list is Penelope Cruz starrer Volver. Will post my thoughts as soon as I watch it :)