Monday, January 23, 2006


Its the quotes like these which really make my life worth living. Seriously!

Thakur...khabardaar kisine in dono ko haath lagane ki bhi koshish main langde-lulon ki fauz khadi kar dunga.

- Govinda, Aag

PS - Also watch out for the Heart attack-doctor-morphine scene from the same movie.


Wednesday, January 18, 2006


A phase comes into my life quite often during which I happen to see 10-15 movies in a very short span of time before I go into hibernation. Right now I am in one such phase. Interestingly, not a single Mithunda's movie and still all the movies turned out to be quite amazing! This happens so rarely. Atleast with me.

Most of these were pending movies which were on my list. So I tried to catch up with them.

First was Devrai. Both the Kulkarnis acted quite well.

Ab Tak Chappan - Loved Prasad Purandare's role. And the last 15 mins.

Hitchhiker's Guide To Galaxy - Funny. Quite unusual. I haven't read the book though.

Hazaaron Khwaaishein Aisi - Cant stop praising this movie. (Check out for the quawali too)

Matrubhoomi - ummm...Didn't quite live upto my expectations (One of the top ten movies in the world in 2005 - Time Magazine)!. Nice and different story anyway. Humor is used well even in the most serious situations.

Apaharan - Nothing extraordinary. Routine movie. But wasn't boring.

15 Park Avenue - WOWWWW .... Though the end leaves everybody in a confusion, it was quite interesting. Again a masterpiece by Aparna Sen who is now one of my favorite directors. You have to to see Konkana Sen's acting to believe it.  Outstanding!
Caution - This movie breaks in the category of 'good but too heavy' for most of the people.

The phase is still on and my hitlist is almost over... (Black Friday, Saher and Dombivali Fast still on the list). But as of now I will keep the heavy stuff aside and turn over to my good old Mithunda. I have ordered some 10-15 movies of Mithunda which I expect day after tomorrow. The list also includes Dev Anand's Mr. Prime Minister. It is highly recommended by my friends. I trust my friends and I know I wont be disappointed.


Sunday, January 15, 2006

Isn't it ironic?

Studies suggest that smoking is protective against Alzheimer's disease. (Alzheimer's - Amitabh in Black)

ummm.. Isn't it something like you remember you died of a lung cancer?


Friday, January 13, 2006

Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi

After a long wait of (?)1 yr, I atlast saw Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi. Movies tend to disappoint when your expectations are high. This one didn't. Probably one of the best movies made in India till date. I'd like to personally rate it in top 5.

I wont go into the story but the acting was awesome. I expected best from Kay Kay. He didn't disappoint. But the surprise packages were Chitrangda Singh (She is rightly termed as the next Smita Patil. I am already her fan) and Shiney Ahuja (who is just about passable in other films). Infact i liked the role of Shiney Ahuja the most.

The story itself is one of its kind. Though critically acclaimed, sadly a very underestimated movie. I am sure most of the people in India wouldn't even know its name. I had to bug my video library wala for 1 mon as he kept saying 'aisi koi movie hai hi nahi'.


ps - 'Apaharan' was good. Nothing more, nothing less. A typical Prakash Jha movie typically set in Bihar with a not so typical script. A typical caste with an additive effect of Nana Patekar as Tabrej Alam. Though sometime he lets himself loose, Nana indeed is effective. Ajay Devghan is ok.

ps2- Eagerly waiting to see 15 Park Avenue.


Sunday, January 08, 2006

Magic tricks

Himanshu accidentally dropped his Nokia in water. He kept it in microwave to dry it up which lead to a small explosion. Incidentally the phone was insured so he did get a replacement. But he is not happy as he lost the phone numbers.

Microwave is intact.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Netsafe - Virtual Credit Card

For online transactions you just cannot do without credit cards. I realized this in last few months. I used to believe without credit card you can live happily if you stay in India. I was happy actually. I mean, I still am. But thats not the point.

Now I have to do this dumb payment online and there is no other option other than credit card. So at last I applied for one. But the procedure is gona take too long. I am sorta running out of time.

So while surfing i came across the funda of 'NETSAFE' by HDFC bank. There might be similar services from other banks which I am not aware of.

I wont go into details... kindly log on to and see the demo of 'netsafe' incase you are interested.

In short :-

If you have to do some online payment which requires credit card and you dont own one .. here is a (seems like) convenient way :-

1) Criteria - You should have a debt (ATM) card with adequate amount in your account.

2) You login to Netsafe and enter your ATM card details (ofcourse its on HDFC site)

3) Using the info you give, a VIRTUAL CREDIT CARD is generated with a proper number and code, which are required for online transaction.

4) Its valid just for one day after which it expires. I think the service is free.

I am sure many of us didn't know about this. This is an awesome funda i think.


1) Has anybody tried this (or similar thing) before?

2) Is there any maximum amount limit for transaction? The site doesn't mention it clearly. I mailed them but didn't get a reply. I called them and the dumb girl said she has no idea and she will get back to me in few mins. On phone.

She didnt. I miss her.


Sunday, January 01, 2006

It happens vonly in India

So the New year party was a blast as expected. There was this funny thing though..with the liquor.

Daaru Cannon ki...aur Bottle kingfisher ki !! Kindly note the label which is 'Cannon' and on bottle its written 'Kingfisher' lollll ... it happens vonly in India.

PS- i am not saying i dont drink coz i know, if you drink milk sitting in a bar, people will say its alcohol vonly!